For sale is a live plant with established root system in a pot.
***Images of fruit or edible qualities are provided from our nursery's stock of producing plants to show the potential yield of of our fruiting & edible plants.


Pot Size: 3 gal
Age: 1-2 years old
Fruiting Age: same year after planted in the ground or larger pot
Minimum Height: 16"+
Propagation Method: cuttings from reliable stock

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Plants are staked with soil, sealed in a plastic wrapping to retain moisture during shipment. When you receive this plant, simply remove the plastic and check moisture in the soil. Water the plant once per day while in their container. Plants have also been fertilized for the season.

All of our plants are cared for with natural practices, without the use of synthetic chemicals. However, our nursery is considered a Plant Sanctuary. Some plants we sell are brought in from other nurseries who do not follow the same standards of quality that we do. Once a plant arrives at our nursery, they are cared for with organic and natural practices.

We hand select for each order from our stock of premium quality plants at A Natural Farm in Howey-in-the-Hills, Florida. Quality in plant propagation is of upmost importance when seeking nutrition & medicinal value from edible plants!


Blueberry Bush
***Cross pollination with another Southern Highbush variety for proper fruitset.

Emerald combines a vigorous, spreading bush with high yield potential, early ripening, and large, high-quality berries. Southern Highbush are early cultivars best suited for the lighter freezes central to south Florida.

Leaves tend to be healthy and relatively free of leaf spot diseases. The berries are large and firm, and they have a good picking scar but tend to be dark in color because of low surface wax content. ‘Farthing’ produces numerous flower buds, and dormant pruning may be required to prevent over-fruiting. Southern Highbush are early cultivars best suited for the lighter freezes central to south Florida.

USDA Hardiness Zones: 9a-9b
Chill Hours: 250
Deciduous/Evergreen: Deciduous with leaves turning red before falling off
Plant Type: Perennial
Pollination: Cross pollination with another Southern Highbush variety for proper fruitset
Edible Qualities/Products: Will fruit first year, expect 5lbs from a 3 year old plant
Climax Height & Spread: Shrubs growing 6'-20'
Cold Tolerance: This variety is best suited for mild winter temperatures specific to the regions of central Florida
Light Requirements: Full Sun for more fruits
Drought Tolerance/Watering Requirements: Fruiting season requires heavy watering, minimal irrigation is needed during droughts or winter.
Soil & Site Requirements: Acidic & well drained soil is required if planting in the ground. We recommend using our blueberry soil blend of composted pine mulch; mixing into the soil & layering it on top as mulch. Consider planting into raised beds. Prune plants when transplanting, leaving main stem long and twiggy growth cut back. Plants will fruit in pots, requiring transplanting to a large pot over time.


*Planting Instructions*
Once your plant arrives, its best practice to water it right away. Your plant may or may not experience leaf drop, show signs of stress or be in a dormant phase. Regardless, it just traveled a great journey to get to its new home, so  give it some time to accumlate! If planting in the ground, check your weather forecast to ensure frost or freezing tempreatures have passed for the year. Potting up into a larger pot can be done at any time.

Check the site and water requirements listed for each plant to have a good understanding of what your plant needs. Each garden is different, so don't be afraid to make a good decision based on your specific location.

To maximize yield and ensure a healthy life of your fruit tree, mulch around the drip line, topdress with compost, vermicpompost & organic matter regularly, use organic fertilizer high in nitrogen 2-3 times per year, garden with companion plants of cover crops, flowering plants and herbs! These straetgies are useful in container gardening as well.


We are currently unable to ship Live Plants to CA, AZ, HI, AL or internationally. Please view our Ginger & Turmeric Rhizomes for shipping to excluded states and internationally.